Department of Municipal Finances

The Department of Municipal Finances is responsible for monitoring and developing the finances of the municipal sector. It also controls the budgets of the entities from the municipal sector, which are subject to final approval by the Minister for Home Affairs.

The Department of Municipal Finances monitors the evolution of the communes' uncommitted revenues. Uncommitted revenues are the main ordinary revenues of communes. They ensure the financial autonomy of the sector. These revenues consist of the incomes of the fund for the global endowment of the communes („fonds de dotation globale des communes, FDGC“), the direct participation of the communes in the proceeds of the communal commercial tax (ICC), and the land tax. The Department of Municipal Finances also deals with matters relating to local taxation, municipal taxes and fees, as well as municipal debt.

Financial assistance for public facilities

The Department of Municipal Finances also processes applications for financial aid of municipalities for investments in basic public facilities: elementary school buildings, town halls, halls for the technical service, fire and rescue centers of categories 1 - 2bis, municipal drinking water supply infrastructure, cemeteries and public squares.

Municipalities whose councils have voted on a project eligible for aid submit an application for subsidy to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

These grants vary according to the financial situation of the municipality. The aid is liquidated in several tranches. A first tranche of up to 80% is versed when the work begins, depending on budgetary availabilities. The remaining 20% is paid only upon presentation of the final account of the project.



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