General Department of Immigration

The General Department of Immigration (DGIM) comprises various services, notably the Department for foreigners, the Department for refugees and the Department for returns. It also has a European affairs Department and a legal Department.

Moreover, the DGIM is the delegated authority of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) (2014-2020).

It should also be noted that the DGIM is a partner of the Luxembourg NCP (National Contact Point) within the European Migration Network (EMN).

Asylum and immigration figures are published annually as part of the Ministry’s annual report. The DGIM also publishes asylum data monthly.

Department for foreigners

The Department for foreigners handles requests concerning the free movement of persons (European Union citizens and their family members) and concerning third country nationals’ entry and residence.

Department for refugees

The Department for refugees is responsible for registering and handling international protection requests.

Department for returns

The returns service carries out the decisions to return illegal residents.


Directory of the general department

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