Department of Local Affairs

The activities of the department of local affairs include:

  • Administrative control of the decisions of municipalities, syndicates of municipalities and public institutions under the supervision of municipalities, particularly in the following areas:
    • Local regulations;
    • Municipal personnel;
    • Public procurement;
    • Real estate transactions;
    • Agreements and lease contracts.

The department also provides advice to the municipal sector in these areas.

  • The organisation of eligibility, final admission and promotion exams in the municipal sector as well as necessary training courses;
  • Legal advice to the municipalities;
  • Organisation of elections (general municipal elections, complementary elections, elections after dissolution of the municipal council), follow-up on changes in the composition of municipal bodies (resignations, nominations, swearing-in, call for the next in line), and of motions of censure;
  • Support for municipalities in the context of mergers;
  • consultation with the social partners in the municipal sector.


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