Review of the national warning system: unannounced zonal SMS alerts

As part of the reform of the national warning and information system, the government has been carrying out monthly tests of the siren network and the GouvAlert application since May 2022, as well as sending a test SMS alert to the population in a given zone.

As announced at the beginning of June, the zonal SMS tests will no longer be announced in advance, which will enable mobile operators to be put in a real-life situation when faced with an event that triggers an immediate and spontaneous alert from the population.

As a result, the unannounced test of the zonal SMS alert took place on Tuesday, 27 June 2023, in the municipalities of Beaufort, Bech, Berdorf, Betzdorf, Consdorf, Echternach, Fischbach, Heffingen, Junglinster, Larochette, Nommern, Reisdorf, Rosport-Mompach , the Vallée de l'Ernz and Waldbillig.

Please note that only those people whose mobile phones were connected to a mobile phone base station in the above-mentioned area at the time the alert is issued have received the following SMS: "LU-ALERT / ALERTE TEST / NO ACTION REQUIRED / AUCUNE ACTION REQUISE / KEINE HANDLUNG ERFORDERLICH / INFOS: GD.LU/LU-ALERT"

Further information and FAQs are available on the following website: National warning system:

Press release by the Ministry of State, the Ministry of Home Affairs and the High Commission for National Protection

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