Transition to Red vigilance (gale warning) - if possible, go home or stay inside!

The "extreme weather" Crisis Cell met again at 12:30pm, under the chairmanship of the Minister for Home Affairs, Taina Bofferding, to assess the situation.

The weather forecast has evolved since this morning and foresees strong gusts (100-120 km/h) with a probability of peaks beyond that. Given the evolution of the situation, MeteoLux has decided to switch to a red weather alert between 3pm and 7pm. The authorities recommend staying indoors during this phase.

It is important to remember the following possible consequences and behavioural advice:

Possible consequences:

  • much and significant damage to housing, parks and plantations
  • heavily affected forests (significant damage to trees/uprooted trees)
  • very difficult traffic conditions throughout the network, cars forced off the road
  • seriously affected air and rail traffic

Behavioural advice: 

  • if possible, go home or stay inside
  • avoid outdoor activities
  • if you need to travel, limit yourself to what is strictly necessary and avoid wooded areas
  • tell someone that you are going out and your destination
  • store or secure any objects liable to be blown around or damaged, for example garden furniture, parasols, etc.
  • on no account go onto a roof
  • follow the instructions of the authorities (e.g. diversions)
  • phone 112 concerning objects on public roads only if they constitute a serious obstruction (trees, branches, roofing debris)

The population is asked to follow closely the evolution of the situation with the official sources,,, @infocriseLU, @CGDISlux, as well as the national media.

The authorities continue to monitor the situation closely. 

Information and Press ServiceParticipants : Ministry of Home Affairs, CGDIS, High Commission for National Protection, National Roads Administration, Army, Creos, MeteoLux, Grand Ducal Police, Crisis Communication Service, Information and Press Service.

Press release by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Office of the High Commissioner for National Protection and the Crisis Communication Service 

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